Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic
Better Together (1 сезон) · Эпизод 24 · 178 просмотров
Продолжительность: 2 м. 18 с.
Дата выпуска: 29 июня 2018
Сценарист: Лора Хупер Бек
Режиссёр: Иши Руделл

During her job at the Sweet Snacks Cafe, Pinkie Pie helps out her troubled customers based on what they order. She figures out that Flash Sentry has a big math test coming up and gets Twilight to be his tutor. When "Blueberry Cake" stains her prom dress, Pinkie gets Rarity to fix it. When the Crystal Prep swimming team loses the swim meet, Pinkie gets Rainbow Dash to help them with their training. 

Sunny Sugarsocks asks Pinkie how she always knows exactly what her customers need, and Pinkie says it is just a gut feeling. When Pinkie's stomach suddenly growls with hunger, Sunny makes her a giant ice cream sundae.

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