Queen of Clubs
Better Together (1 сезон) · Эпизод 4 · 257 просмотров
Продолжительность: 2 м. 45 с.
Дата выпуска: 1 декабря 2017
Сценарист: Джилиан М. Берроу
Режиссёр: Иши Руделл

Applejack brings a pig to school, explaining to her friends that she needs it for the Young Farmers' Club yearbook photo. When Rainbow Dash brags about being in five different school clubs, Applejack boasts that she is in six. Despite Rarity insisting it is not a competition, Rainbow and Applejack join as many clubs as possible to see who will be in the most yearbook photos. When the yearbook is published, their competition ends in a tie. As it turns out, there was one school club left that neither of them joined: an exclusive fashion club in which Rarity is the president and Applejack's pig is the vice-president.

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