Super Squad Goals
Better Together (1 сезон) · Эпизод 11 · 242 просмотра
Продолжительность: 2 м. 46 с.
Дата выпуска: 26 января 2018
Сценарист: Джилиан М. Берроу
Режиссёр: Иши Руделл

In a comic book-style setting, the Equestria Girls discuss their big-city plans for the day when they witness a jewelry store being robbed. Using their magical geodes, the girls transform into their Crystal Guardian outfits and chase after the thief, superhero style. After a while of chasing, the girls catch the thief and send him to prison. They return the stolen jewels to the jewelry store owner and celebrate with treats. In the end, the whole affair is revealed to be a comic book drawn by Sunset Shimmer.

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