Twilight Under the Stars
Better Together (2 сезон) · Эпизод 11 · 316 просмотров
Продолжительность: 2 м. 20 с.
Дата выпуска: 22 марта 2019
Сценарист: Джилиан М. Берроу
Режиссёр: Иши Руделл, Катрина Хэдли

At the Canterlot Celestial Society Members' Social being held at the planetarium, Twilight is nervous about meeting her favorite scientist: astrophysicist Rosette Nebula. Pinkie Pie tries to help Twilight approach her, but all of her attempts result in Twilight's utter embarrassment. As Twilight sulks over failing to make a good impression, Pinkie rolls out a large chocolate cake and gives Twilight a piece. With help from Timber Spruce, Twilight finally manages to introduce herself to Rosette, and Pinkie expresses the notion that "cake fixes everything".

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